W.O.S.C. Custom Program

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Value add - Co brand with Weevil – Industry specific co-branding helping to strengthen products value and exposure branded Weevil premium product!


We are so thankful for the incredible response we've received to our co branding & customization program. While striving to stay true to Weevil Outdoor's brand integrity, ideals & commitment to quality, we have made so many great friends partnering with like-minded companies to help create unique, fashion forward merchandise. 

Current products we offer for customization include: Hats, T-shirts, Tech Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, MTB Jerseys & Shorts, Tech Ride Gear, Cycling Kits, Socks, MTB Gloves, YukSaks, and Custom Patches.

All W.O.S.C. branded products are constructed from the ground up. We are an outdoor clothing brand first and foremost,  not a promotional company, or print shop putting your designs on others products. Careful thought, attention and detail is paid to every product we develop, test, and offer as a custom option. We design, build and stitch together each and every unit for you with the same care we do for our own product line. 

Local program: We also partner with local print shops and have our own team of US manufacturers to help bring low minimum volumes to our small business / Mom & Pop shops around the country trying to make their way. We are very aware of the current economic climate in the industry and are always working hard to help small business's survive and brand themselves with quality products.

This is the reason we developed our local program and have continued our to grow stronger every year. Our process is constantly evolving, but our commitment to quality products, local economy, helping small business's grow, and our ideals has remained.

We appreciate all of the support we have received over the years and so do our employees! Help us help you and we can grow together and build a sustainable future for all of us -


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Ask About Our Trail 1 "GIVE TO SHRED" Custom Collaboration Program

We are continuously working hard to partner with like minded companies and give back to organizations out there making a difference. That is why we developed our Trail 1  custom collaboration program. Helping non profit companies through collective action while utilizing resources where we can is our goal. For every partnership established, a percentage of the proceeds are donated back to your organization.

 Join us in our movement to make a change!